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2 node -> 3 node -> 4 node

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2 node -> 3 node -> 4 node



We are adding two more nodes to our existing 2 node cluster.  We have currently added the 3rd node to the cluster and the cmc is saying that best practice is to have 3 regular managers running.  We currently have 2 regular managers running and the default virtual manager is off.  Do I just delete the virtual manager and start the regular manager on the newly added 3rd node?


Will the fourth node require a manager runnig as well?


This is all in the same cluster, everything is running the same vesion




Gediminas Vilutis
Frequent Advisor

Re: 2 node -> 3 node -> 4 node

Yes, you should simply stop virtual manager and start regular one on 3rd node. After you add 4th node, no more managers will be needed - for 4 node management group best practice is to run 3 managers.