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8.5 and Network Raid 5

Steve McGee
Occasional Advisor

8.5 and Network Raid 5

What is the possibility of using Network Raid 5 for a volume on a 2 node cluster?

If possible, what are the drawbacks? Performance should a node fail?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: 8.5 and Network Raid 5

Possibility? Zero.
You need four nodes for Network RAID 5 - this is hard-coded in SAN/iQ.

With two nodes you can only do RAID-0 or -10.

When you use NW-RAID5, a snapshot is created as a 'thin-layer' in NW-RAID1 (on top of the NW-RAID5) to pick up all writes. This avoids the "RAID5 write penalty".