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Backing up snapshot to tape solutions?

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Backing up snapshot to tape solutions?



We run an 11 node P4500 LeftHand SAN split into 2 management groups. 6 nodes are 450GB SAS disks for production data and the remaining 5 nodes are 1TB SATA disks for snapshots of the production data. The nodes are connected via the dual gigabit NICs onboard.


The backup server is connected to our 'iSCSI VLAN' via dual 10gb NIC's (which is overkill) and running Backup Exec 2010 R2.  We attach the snapshots to the backup server as iSCSI drives.


For DR we are trying to get the snapshots backed up to tape to take off site, but are running into issues with throughput. The data on the disks is mainly small image files numbering in the millions (approximately 10 million files) which has a massive impact on I/O performance of the backup server. 


We are seeing throughputs to the backup server of about 130MB/min for the LUNs containing the images - which means it's almost impossible to get the 4-5 odd TB of data we need to move in a timely matter!


My question is, are there any other backup solutions out there for the LeftHand? Ideally, we would like to backup at a 'bit level' rather than a 'file system' level like Backup Exec does. Is there any backup solution that plugs into the LeftHand management software? 


What does everyone else use for backing up snapshots to tape? Does anyone even do it?


I'm very open to thoughts, idea's, suggestions....nothing is too out there!





Davy Priem
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Re: Backing up snapshot to tape solutions?

I you're running vmware you can use VEEAM in combination with P4000 snapshots. See also the hp blog post on Around the Storage Block Blog