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CMC Performance Monitor not displaying data.

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CMC Performance Monitor not displaying data.

The Performance Monitor is not displaying data for some of the nodes some of the time. i.e. CPU util, it will display it for a few intervals than shows N/A. We have two clusters and the same is happening on both. We are running the latest version of SANiq and CMC.

Contacted support, the rep says it is a known bug and that they are working on it and was not able to provide any work around or ETA.

I am worried that if it cannot monitor, it can not alert us when something goes wrong.

Any admins out there seeing the same issue? How are you going about with a work around, if any? If anyone heard anything different from HP\Lefthand then I have. Please share.




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Re: CMC Performance Monitor not displaying data.

I also have this issue with 10.5