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CMC Updates

Mark Major_1
Occasional Contributor

CMC Updates

When running the Lefthand CMC and logging in, it initially checks the web for updates. In our scenario, it doesn't appear that this ever completes, it sits there 'checking for updates' but no updates are ever found. The only thing I can do is cancel it. The management server has got full internet access (no proxy or any authentication required), I just wonder if anyone has come across this before? The CMC is running on a management server that resides in the MGMT VLAN (with internet access) and the 2 x P4500 appliances reside in a seperate VLAN with no internet access. Am I missing anything here, if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate that.
Regrads, Mark
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Re: CMC Updates


CMC uses FTP when checking updated. Make sure that no firewall etc. is blocking traffic. At minimum, the network firewall would need to allow the standard ftp ports 20, 21 and passive ftp port range 50000-65000. Use some ftp client on server and try to access to verify connection.

I used Wireshark program to capture network traffic when using CMC update. Here what it does:
- makes ftp connection to
- anonymous login
- gets UpgradeVersions_2.txt

My guess is that CMC compares versions on system and in file and if there where any updates it would fetch them.