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CMC software - Wasted space?

M. N.

CMC software - Wasted space?

I have a Lefthand infrastructure managed by a CMC installed on an HPE Proliant DL360 server running Windows Server 2008 R2.

On the Proliant server I see a folder whose path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\P4000\UI\downloads containing more that 13 GB of files.

Are they all necessary? I suspect that many files are not still necessary.

Can I safely delete them?

Which files should I keep in case I need to reinstall the CMC or inmstall it on another server?



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Re: CMC software - Wasted space?

you can delete them, but depending on the download preferences you have selected they may just come right back.  Those are all the update files for every CMC related file and basically and archive of old ones too...  I don't understand why they do it that way, but it is and its how they have always done it going back at least through v8.5.  If you have the space available, just leave them alone as it can cause random issues when you try and update later and its missing some files.  If you don't, just delete the files and when it does come time to update, you will have to move the folder location to a USB drive or something with space and then wait for everything to download.

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Re: CMC software - Wasted space?

WIth the launch of the new StoreVirtual 3200 with its new web-based management GUI, it must be a matter of time before this new interface will be used as well in the VSA world... No idea when this will be, but it will be coming 1 day...

To be continued...

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Re: CMC software - Wasted space?

Patches, upgrades files and documentation are kept in the CMC downloads folder. You can delete them, but the next time you run an upgrade from the CMC, they will be downloaded again.

Recent CMC versions look at the storage node software/firmware versions and only download the needed patches. You can save space by upgrading the CMC to 12.6 and deleting the old downloads folder contents. The next upgrade session will download only the required patches.

Note that older versions of the CMC cannot download patches since Nov 2016 because of an ftp policy change. 12.6 CMC is located at:



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