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Changing cluster VIPs

Honored Contributor

Changing cluster VIPs

I'm doing a makeover of our iscsi network layout and it is going to involve the changing IPs of both nodes and VIPs.  Has anyone ever done this?


I assume I can just add an additional VIP to each cluster and simply retarget my initiators accordingly?  If so, can I do a swing migration where I have both VIPs active for a period?


As for changing the IPs of each node... is there a good way?  Can I simply change them at the console and have the cluster figure out the change or do I have to remove the node from the cluster/mgt group frist?  I would like to avocie having to do a bunch of re-stripes if possible but if its the only way its the only way.

Hiren N Dave
Valued Contributor

Re: Changing cluster VIPs

You can change both IPs from CMC, your CMC host should be able to access both networks so after change of IPs, CMC can discover it.

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Re: Changing cluster VIPs


   I wasn't too worried about access from the CMC if I change the IP (say from to


What I'm more concerned about is if I can go from to having that AND at the same time.

Bryan McMullan
Trusted Contributor

Re: Changing cluster VIPs

Did this back in 8.1 and I didn't run into issues.  I was staging the IP's before we did a site move and IP redesign. 


When you add the VIP to the cluster, ping it and ensure you get a response.  Add a new test volume on a test machine and point it to only the new VIP.  You should be able to access it just fine.


The big thing will be repointing all of your initiators/discovery portals.