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Cluster Order question

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Cluster Order question

I have four VSA servers running on two hosts and I want to make sure that while using network raid10 that the loss of a single host does not take the cluster down.  I could make this a "fake" multi-site cluster, but I would rather keep everything at one site so under typical operations, my computers can make use of all four VSAs.


Can this be done or does each volume have a different strip plan?  Assuming I have VSA host names VSA-1,VSA-2,VSA-3,VSA-4 and they are shown in the cluster group in that order, is there an order that I can use to make sure I don't lose access to the raid10 drives when I lose two VSAs?

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Re: Cluster Order question



If you have networkRAID10 and the order of nodes in the cluster is 1, 2, 3 and 4, then you have to put the even nodes on 1 server and the odd nodes on the other... So 1 and 3 on 1 server and 2 and 4 on the other...


Know thwt it is not officially supported / meant to be that 2 VSA are running on 1 server... But yes it works...





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Re: Cluster Order question

thanks.  I kind of figured that was the way it should be.


Its not idea and we aren't finished with our hardware deployment, but I actually have three hosts and one of them has >2x the disk capacity (space and IO) of the other two so until I get all the hosts to spec, I wanted to get as much IO and capacity out of the VSAs while maintaining the raid1 availability so if I lost the host with the two VSAs everything won't go down.