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Error when add storage

Occasional Contributor

Error when add storage


I have a problem when I want add storage in vmware

I have set my LeftHand as follows:
Two nodes with a virtual ip(VIP) and quorom a Failover manager (non ESX, running in a vmware player)

initializer vmware iscsi, show volume oflefthanad, but when I add a new LUN, the wizard takes a lot of running and finally I get an error

Can someone help?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Error when add storage

Maybe we can help you better if you tell us what error you got.
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Re: Error when add storage

Lets start at the beginning;

Open CMC > cluster > Volumes

Create a new volume to your specs.

Click assign Servers, in here you should see your vmware iscsi initiators that you set up previously. click one or more of the servers to allow them access to this volume. don't forget that it is read/write always.

Once created ( assuming you have the space ) login to vsphere, select a server then config tabs.

You'll then see storage adaptors and storage. you will want to start with storage adaptors and do a recan on the iscsi that you setup earlier with the initiator information previously. after this is scanned you should be able to see the new raw storage in the adaptor list, so if you had 20 and you added 2 then that should be 22. if it fails at this point you need to double check the properties of the adaptor and be sure that the initiator is correct, esp if it is the first try.

lets assume that this works, and goto storage where you can then add storage, follow the prompts to format it for vmware and voila your ready for a new server.

Hope it helps. Other wise post the error.