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Fully provisioning a cluster

Amana Living
Occasional Advisor

Fully provisioning a cluster

Hello all


We have a 4 node cluster of 2.76TB, P4300G2 's, totalling 11.04 TB

We have the following volume layout


LUN1 = 750GB

LUN2 = 750GB

LUN3 = 1.5TB

LUN4 = 750GB

LUN5 = 750GB

LUN6 = 350GB


Total = 4850 GB


Plus NRAID 10 = 4850


Grand total = 9700

Unprovisioned = 1624 GB


I've been asked to remove LUN6 which will return 700 gig to the unprovisioned pool ( 350GB data + 350GB NRAID10)

This brings us up to 2324GB unprovisioned.


I've also been asked to provision a 1100 GB volume with NRAID 10. This would leave me with approx 124 gig of free space for the entire cluster!


I think this is way too low, but I can't find any documentation that suggest a free space percentage. Can anyone link to some documentation?





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Re: Fully provisioning a cluster

It is fine if you have 124 Gb of space left. Your SAN would work fine.
Except for the fact that, you will receive Notification/Alarm stating Your Cluster Utilization is above 95%.
Now this Alarm cannot be removed.

But Apart from the Notification.. you are fine.
If you configure Thin Provision Volumes then depending on you Utilization of the Volumes, you may not receive the message as you would be using less storage from the Cluster compared to a Full Provisioned Volume.
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