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HP Lefthand Configuration Interface console password lost

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HP Lefthand Configuration Interface console password lost



We have lost password for HP Lefthand configuration interface. We tried to do a password reset (pressing shift key on logon screen >>type LHN>> reset password>>)but getting error


Error2: FAILED to set the new password due to a management group error

Error: could not reset admin password



We need to put it in production, but cannot take control over it.

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Re: HP Lefthand Configuration Interface console password lost

When you first purchase the unit, there are no user names
Hence you can just Login.

Once you join a Node to a Management Group, all the Nodes added to the Management Group takes the Management Group username and password (the one given while creating the management group).

After adding nodes to the Management Group, when you Login through the Console, you have to provide Management Group Username and Password.

If you have forgotten the username/password of the Management Group (CMC), then you can perform one of the following 2 tasks,

1. Call HP and then Level 2 will login to the Backend and reset the username and password.
2. If you do not have any Data on the Node, then Reinstall the OS (SANiQ) using the Recovery DVD to reset everything.
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