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Re: How to know the serial number of my device ?!

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How to know the serial number of my device ?!



I have some warnings on my HPE virtual storage that I want to remove and everyone is asking me for a serial for the product ? so they will be able to help to remove these warnings ?

My question is how to get this serial for my product using my HPE store virtual software ?! 

In the screenshot below the details of the error I have and I Want to remove it !!



Can I remove this error using HPE virtual store storgae or I need anything else ?! 

To be honest this is the first time to use this software 

I really need your help ? !


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Re: How to know the serial number of my device ?!

This may depend on the model.

The serial should also be displayed in the GUI.

Consider to read it from the sticker on the chassis too.

Regarding the error:

such messages may remain displayed as long as the error condition remains.


Unfortunatelly the details can't be read from your screenshot.

Hope this helps!

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Re: How to know the serial number of my device ?!

Hello! @Gomiza 
I hope you are doing well, 

Steps to find the product serial number

1. Log into ILO using your admin credentials 
2. click on overview.
3. the serial number should be displayed. 

@Gomiza   I hope this helps! If you have any additional query please let me know
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