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How to remove VSA from VMware

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How to remove VSA from VMware

Good morning,

We've just moved to a Nimble storage solution for my VMware storage. My next step is to remove the VSA storage and reuse the storage as "local storage" to the hosts.

How do I achieve this? Is it as simple as deleting the datastore within the vcentre or should all stpes be understaken within CMC ? We have a 4 host solultion, providing to main storage area's which use the storage from all of the hosts to create. I've now moved all of the VM's across to the Nimble storage so my next step is the shutdown of CMC


Hope you can help



Re: How to remove VSA from VMware

Good morning John,

as per your description I am reading that you`re moving away from your old VSA storage and onto a new nimble array.

Would you mind letting me know what connection you`ve been using with the VSA (iSCSI, FC etc. I am not familiar with VSA configuration but can still assist in resolving based on the answer)

My suggestion to resolve this would be:

  1. Move all Data of the VSA (done as per your comment)
  2. Unmount VSA datastores in vSphere client (right click on datastore and "unmount")
  3. This is split, depending on the connection used:
  4. iSCSI - Remove the VSA used dynamic and static discovery IPs from the storage adapters of each ESXi (mostly used iSCSI Software adapter) and rescan storage and adapter
  5. FC - edit zoning and remove ESXi from zoning, rescan storage and adapter after
  6. Remove plugin from vCenter

Let me know if you`ve got any more questions!


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