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Hyper-V cluster and storevirtual


Hyper-V cluster and storevirtual


We have a 2-node hyper-v cluster with 2xP4300 and 2X4300 (connected through iscsi network).

We need to expand storage and extend with 2 more hyper-v servers.


Could I just but to hyper-v servers, with storevirtual vsa 2014 and dont' buy san?

Will my exisiting hyper-v servers be able to use the new "san" (the 2 new hper-v servers with vsa) at the same time as my new converged hyper-v servers f.eks run a lot of VMs?


or should i separate the storage as long as there are more hyper-v servers who needs access to the share?



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Re: Hyper-V cluster and storevirtual

you could go with the VSA option.  I would recommend that you put the VSA nodes in a different cluster group than the hardware nodes, but they can and probably should be in the same management group as your existing nodes.  Assuming that you are OK with having two logically seporated storage/performance pools to draw from instead of just a single larger pool.  If you require a single large pool, you have to keep in mind that your new nodes really need to match the capacity and performance of your existing or you end up losing/wasting effective performance or capacity.


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Re: Hyper-V cluster and storevirtual

@Frankiboy ,

@oikjnis right - it is a best practice to but the VSA nodes in their own StoreVirtual cluster.  And as he said, they can and should be part of the same management group.  As long as they are in the same management group, volumes can be seamlessly moved between the two clusters via Peer Motion.  The Hypervisors will be able to access data on either VSA cluster.


Here is a link to the StoreVirtual VSA Installation and Configuration guide that you might find useful.


Hope that helps - feel free to contact me if you need more information.