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Instructions for adding new node to a 4 node P4330

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Instructions for adding new node to a 4 node P4330

I am looking for instructions to install a 5th node to an existing SAN. I inherited this SAN and need to know how to connect to node & assign ip, both ILO and ISCSI. Then connect node to SAN and increase available size without affecting production.


Thanks in advance..

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Re: Instructions for adding new node to a 4 node P4330

iLO is done like any other HP server you have.


The rest might seem so easy its scarry and makes you think you are missing something, but you aren't.

1.  Make sure the iSCSI network is plugged in and the machine is on (ideally plug into iscsi network before powering on)

2.  Open the console of the computer and make sure its showing the login prompt. If this is a repurposed node, log in and select option to reset to default.  If you want to use static IPs, follow the menu prompts to set the node's IPs to what you want.

3.  on your desktop computer, open up CMC and scan for new nodes or manually search with the targeted IP you optionally created in step 2.

4.  once the node shows up in CMC, it should show under the "available nodes group."  Make sure it is updated to the same level as the active management group.  If not, update it.

5.  Right click on the available node and say "join management group."  CMC will show activity and become generally unresponsive but when its done the node will show inside the management group.

6.  Right click on the node now that it is inside the management group and select "add to cluster".  A similar process will happen again in CMC and then it will be inside the cluster.

7.  A restripe will automatically initiate, so keep an eye on the performance metrics to make sure you are happy with the san performance and if production is affected too much, right click on the management group and go into properties and then turn down the slider for available management bandwidth which will slow down the restripe rate.  The default is something like 16mb/s, but depending on how loaded your system is you might want to turn that down or up.  Each LUN has its own strip profile so you will see restripe progress warnings on each LUN and each snapshot in CMC.


Affecting production is a vauge statement.  You can easily add the node to the management group without any affect on production, but if IO performance is a concern, you are going to have to monitor it closely and adjust that bandwith if you want to ensure you don't affect performance.  Best bet is to start this duing an inactive time with the bandwidth set at .25mb/s and then slowly increase it until you are as fast as you think the system can handle given your situation...  that might be 1mb/s or it might be 40mb/s, unlimited, or anywhere inbetween.