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Issues with upgrade to version 11

New Member

Issues with upgrade to version 11



I have a 4 node P4530 system, which has been configured and is now fully functional.

Problem I have is that three systems run SAN/IQ version 11 and one system and FOM run on version 10.5.


I am trying to find a means to upgrade the odd system and FOM to version 11 to keep it inline with the others.


Another problem is that the site where the system is installed does not allow FTP access, so I have no way of pulling online updates from the CMC.


I have already downloaded all 224 patches and upgrade files from a FTP site listed in upgrades.xml file, but CMC still wants to download additional 500+ MB in order to upgrade the system.
 I have also tried to download recovery DVD to use "local media" function within CMC, but there are no RAW upgrade files there.


Is there any way to upgrade these to version 11?


Thank you in advance.


Kind Regards,



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Re: Issues with upgrade to version 11

the way to fix the FOM is simply remove it and install a new one.  As for the other node, you are going to have to contact support for that.