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Lefthand VSA best practices question Load Balancing

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Lefthand VSA best practices question Load Balancing

Hello I have read a lot of posts in this forum about Lefthand VSA, but about somethings I am not clear.

I have build a StandardCluster with 2 Nodes as describes in the Lefthand Manual. The cluster has 2 Proliant DL 380 G6 with 5x 2.5" SAS Disks, 2 Nics with Vmware Teaming for iSCSI LAN and Traffic connected with ProCurve Switch 2510G-24.

I have created 2 Volumes in CMC from a RAID 5 LUN in a 1TB VMDK. Does its better to split it in RAID, VM (VMDK) or in HP CMC the volume/LUN for Load Balancing to get 2x1GB speed?

I testet the speed with copy a big file from VM A to VM B. I got about moderate speed 30 - 50 MB/sec.

Whats about MPIO in VSA?

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Re: Lefthand VSA best practices question Load Balancing


I'm not sure were are you heading with this splitting LUN question but I would like to comment the speed you have had.

I assume you mean by copying VM to VM you migrated from datastore to another. We got about same speed with two physical p4300 nodes and ESX 4. And it did not make big difference to speed even when we
- used load balancing (Round Robin) or not
- had 1 or 4 NICs connected on ESX
- copied from ESX local storage to LH, LH to another LH LUN or LH to ESX
- shutdown one LH node

Otherwise works like a charm and with good performance. My guess is that ESX limits the speed on datastore migration somehow and this is not good way to test speed or performance.