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Lefthand: backup from a RemoteSnapshot

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Lefthand: backup from a RemoteSnapshot

Dear experts,

we are currently looking to improve over our backup strategy.  The current infrastructure composes from 2 hyperV servers running on 2012 (in a cluster) and 4 storage nodes (HP Lefthand P4000 ).

Currently the backup is done directly to tape via remote agent (Backup exec) but the backup is taking longer and longer and we are running out of the backup window.  The plan is to have a server filled up with large capacity (non enterprise) disks, install VSA and set up remote copy which will then be presented to the backup server.

The management also requires a recovery point objective of 4 hours so the plan is to take a snapshot every 4 hours.  It is also required that more than one snapshot is kept.  For compliance purposes we still require that we archive to tape to have offsite backups.  Using snapshots for offsite backups is unfeasible due to bandwidth limitations.  

The logic of the planned procedure is as follows:

Take a remote snapshot every 4 hours and keep the last 10 snapshots
Identify the last remote snapshot
Give access on the latest snapshot to the backup server
Connect the iscsi LUN to the backup server
Assign a drive letter to the iSCSI LUN 
Take backup to tape
Remove the assigned letter from the iSCSI LUN
Disconnect the LUN from the backup server
Remove rights on the snapshot to the backup server

Obviously this needs to be automated by a script

I have tried to do a lab environment to try to have a Proof of Concept set up.  I managed to get the Remote Snapshots working but I am finding difficulties in scripting the identifications of the latest snapshot.  

I know that there is a cli sample script that maps a snapshot to a host but it requires that there is only a single snapshot during the assignment stage and the snapshot will be deleted at the end of the backup.  


we need to keep 10 snapshots and map only the latest one to the backup host during the backup operation.


Any help would be appricaited