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Link to page Generate licens key

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Link to page Generate licens key

Where can I find a link to the page

"Request the License key
The easiest way to enter the license key into the HP LeftHand P4300/P4500 is by using a USB flash drive. License key can be typed if a USB flash drive is not available.
Log in to the Customer Support Portal. Click here to view the Customer Support Portal .
Click the link on the Customer Support menu to Generate License key and log in.
Enter the MAC address and click Generate Key .
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Re: Link to page Generate licens key

Did you try here?

Hope this helps!

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Re: Link to page Generate licens key



This is still regarding generation of a featurekey_ file from MAC address of P4500 for software reinstallation.


When you go to HP's Software Licensing Portal you get the following links:


» Home
» Assets
» Activation
» Reports
» Administration
» Help
» Migrate Licenses
» Contact Licensing Support
» Tutorial


Under Activation we have the following links:


   » Target Dashboard
   » Certificates
   » Activate
   » Rehost


Beside activate it says: Activate entitlements and generate keys.


Are these for software license keys or the featurekey_ file you need for reimaging.


If someone can kindly tell me which links I will need to click to get to the featurekey_mac key generator part that would be great.


Perhaps the only way is through HP support but it would be nice if they said that in the manual.


Thanks a lot!

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Re: Link to page Generate licens key


The requested URL /licensinghome/hppwelcome.asp was not found on this server.

this page can't display.

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Re: Link to page Generate licens key


the link to the licensing portal has changed. 

Please use now:

You can find the link also in the newer CMCs under Feature Registration. See screenshot.



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Re: Link to page Generate licens key


That should e what you are looking for pg 5