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Moving SQL Cluster

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Moving SQL Cluster

I am currently running SQL2005 cluster on 1G P4500 G2 28.8 and will migrate to a new SAN 10G P4500 G2 28.8
Database servers in the cluster will stay the same but I will add 10G adapters to them prior and preconfigure them with new iSCSI IP addresses. My iSCSI VLAN is not routable so there are no gateway in TCP/IP configuration, should be a problem. SQL Cluster/virtual name and IP will stay the same as well. Existing Cluster is A
1G model has SANiQ 9.0
New 10G most likely 9.5

my plan is:
1. add 10G model to my existing management group.
2. Create a new cluster B
3. Edit volumes in Cluster A one by one and change the cluster name to a B
4. iSCSI sessions should still be UP and connected to new nodes in Cluster B accordingly to my small test.
5. Login to SQL cluster, access iSCSI initiator and change the source IP of iSCSI adapter to 10G
6. Change the target IP to Cluster B IP address.

Can anyone tell me if this would work?
Do i have to upgrade SANiQ to match the SAN 9.5?
Any problems migrating from 1G to 10G?