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Multipathing for iSCSI - HP doc

Occasional Advisor

Multipathing for iSCSI - HP doc

In the following vSphere4 document, it recommends creating a VMkernel port for each iSCSI NIC and binding them together

(pg 6)


vSphere 4

In this new document (which is almost the same, just refreshed for vSphere 5) they have left that bit out.


vSphere 5


Should we be doing this for vSphere5?


Honored Contributor

Re: Multipathing for iSCSI - HP doc



Thay way of working stays the same, only it got easier in version 5.


U still have to create 2 VMkernels with 2 IP adresses but the binding with the vmhba which was a command line thing in version 4 can be done now inside the GUI...





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