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Multiple Storage Repositories with XenServer

Occasional Contributor

Multiple Storage Repositories with XenServer

Hi All,


So far you have all been very helpful with all my novice questions! I have been doing a lot of reading regarding that each VM should have it's own Storage Repository(SR) in a xenserver pool and only one VDI should be in a SR. I have tried adding more than one SR to my xenserver pool with no luck at all. I have tried creating multiple Servers but when trying to use the same IQN it gives me an error. So then tying to add a volume to the Server when I search I still get only the first Volume showing up in the LUN 0. I have read other posts on here that talk about having the OS VDI residing on it's own SR and then any data volumes using the Microsoft ISCSI to connect to those rather than through the same SR. I am just wondering on how you are doing that?


I am curently using a 4 server Xenserver 5.6 and a 4 node P4300 SAN with a FOM.