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Multisite setup

Brent Nussbaum
Occasional Contributor

Multisite setup

I am looking at setting my 2 lefthands in a multisite scenario. My question is what kind of connection between site is recommended in this scenario? I have a 10mb metroethernet fiber connection with time warner connecting my 2 sites. Is this adequate bandwidth for the multi site setup?
René Loser
Frequent Advisor

Re: Multisite setup

Hi Brent,

The "Multi-Site" SAN requires a GB Network Connection between the 2 Sites with a latency less than 2ms.
The answer is no. You can't build a single multisite cluster with your environment.

If you build 2 clusters with the 2 nodes you can do asynchronous copy (based on remote snapshot replication). Min. schedule between 2 snapshots is 30 minutes. The fist remote snapshot is a full copy - afterwards it does delta-copy.
All the needed software is included.

Best regards,

HP Presales Switzerland