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Re: Network Flow Control Consistency

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Network Flow Control Consistency

In the Configuration Summary of our P4000 Management Console I'm seeing a warning status that I'm not sure I've seen before. The error appears on the "Network Flow Control Consistency."

The warning shows that on both of our P4000 units the Motherboard:Port2 Flow control is off.

We bonded the NICs on both P4000 units so is this something to even worry about or change so all the NICs have flow control turned on?

If it should be turned on for all the NICs how is that done?
Zygmunt Krawczyk
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Re: Network Flow Control Consistency

Enabling Flow Control is recommended for P4000. It must be enabled globally across
the switches and the server adapter ports. Check, if your switches support
Flow Control IEEE 802.3x standard.

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Re: Network Flow Control Consistency

You will have to delete the bond, enable flow control on each ethernet port, then recreate the bond..

As stated, some switches require you to enable flow control, either globally, or on a per port basis.