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Network flow control

M. N.

Network flow control

After adding 2 P4300 nodes to an existing P4000 cluster based on 2 identical P4300 nodes I noticed that on the new nodes the NIC flow control is set to "Auto - Receive on, Transmit off" while on the 2 original nodes it is set to "on".


Should I change the setting on the 2 new nodes?


To change the setting on the 2 new nodes I need to delete the existing bond and to re-create it: if I do so, is there any risk to restripe the existing LUNs (last time it took about 48 hours...)? Is there any risk to slow down or interrupt the availability of existing (running) VMs?


Given I access the nodes thru the CMC, if I delete the bond can I go on managing the node or there is the risk to lose the connection? In that case, how can I go on managing the node?







Honored Contributor

Re: Network flow control

I would set it to ON for the nodes and yes you will have to have a restripe.


The good news is that the restripe is only the change information that has happened since the node goes offline, so unless you have a rediculously high rate of change, this shouldn't take more than a couple minutes to complete.


I would change one node at a time and let the restripe complete before going to the 2nd node.  If you have only windows hosts you shouldn't have to worry about availability assuming you have DSM setup correctly.  For ESX, I THINK you have to watch out for if one of the new nodes is acting as the target for a LUN.  If so, there could be a momentary loss of connection.