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P4300 error removing from management group

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P4300 error removing from management group



I have a P4300 that had a 3 disk failure. So when the unit was repaired the support people installed latest firmware version at the moment (Storage System Software


However my other two production units run with Version


Today one of our tech guys plugged the repaired unit with same name and IP before the failure. When we opened the CMC the attahed message was displayed.

"The following management groups report that they contain this storage system, but the storage system does not agree"


Now I cannot remove the unit from the management group because several volumes from the other Lefthands are being replicated (or so I think or so the CMC thinks).


My question is: What does this message means?


I see in Google that there was a previous thread on this matter. But I cant access it due to this new board change. the links dont work.

It seems like it was thread 1474212 from march 22,2011.










Re: P4300 error removing from management group

Do you still have the IP Address of the Old Node (Repaired) in the Cluster ?
Screen shots would be helpful.
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