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P4300 - keep re-syncing, massive performance drop

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P4300 - keep re-syncing, massive performance drop

Hi all,

We have 2x P4300 in to two buildings, devices are mirrored.

Last week I've had to cold restart one of the devices to clear warning from June last year. Powered it back on, warning gone, devices keep resyncing - fine.

Once sync is done, after an hour or more I've received e-mail notification:

1. The storage system 'DR-1' status in cluster 'CLUSTER' is 'Down'.

2. The manager status on 'DR-1' is 'Down'.

3. Due to a system change the volume 'xxxxxx' status in cluster 'CLUSTER' is 'Unprotected'. Data protection level is insufficient to ensure high availability.

I keep getting message no. 3 for all the volumes.

I've left SAN run during all weekend but that didn't fix my issue.
I've had to power it off because all the virual servers are super slow.

Could you advise anything?



Re: P4300 - keep re-syncing, massive performance drop

Hi IrekM, 

That could be caused by several issues. Please open a support case so we can do a complete investigation.

I am an HPE employee - HPE StoreVirtual Support