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P4300 setup

Steve Bishop
Occasional Advisor

P4300 setup

I've recently purchase 4 p4300 units.
2 units are to be replicate between each other at the office.The other 2 units are to be store offsite and replicating from the units at the office. The link between the office and remote site is 1GB.

How should this be setup? all 4 in a cluster with 4 way replication?

Is this overkill?

Thanks for any suggestions
Bryan McMullan
Trusted Contributor

Re: P4300 setup

What is the latency on your line?

There's a few ways to do it....

1. 2 nodes in 2 clusters. Use remote snapshots. Slower recovery on site outage and not always in sync.

2. Depending on latency. You can place 2 nodes in two sites and have a multi-site cluster (Campus SAN). You'd want a Failover Manager at a third site if possible. But that will give you instant failover in multiple scenerios.

There's other ways, but I wouldn't recommend it. Depending on if you want local redundancy, you can use Network RAID 10...or not if you don't need it.

Nothing is really overkill, it's all a matter of the needs of your environment.