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P4500 G2 Cluster connection issues

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P4500 G2 Cluster connection issues

We have two HP P4500 G2 shelfs connected throught HP Switch 2920-24G - two network intercaces each node.


Each shelf has been configured as bonded ALB, automatic flow control and Jumbo Frames.

The switch has been configured without any VLAN beside the default VLAN, Flow control ON and Jumbo Frames.


We have configured a new group and a cluster with two nodes - node 1 - node 2 - and VIP

In addition, we have install a FOM (failover manager) on a seperate vmware host connected to a different storage -


Once all nodes are on, all working properly. no errors or warning in CMC and it shows that all is up and running.


Once one of the nodes is getting down (shutdown, network outage etc...) we lose connection to the problematic node (obvious), the live node and the VIP response with very bad ping replies - 1 ping replies \ 6-7 ping response time out.


All nodes, switch and CMC have been upgraded to latest versions \ firmwares.


I have no idea what can be the cause for the issue... this is the idea of cluster, isn't it ?


I would really appriciate if you can assist me to sort this out.



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