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P4500 Write cache disabled in BIOS


P4500 Write cache disabled in BIOS

Hi guys,
I was setting up a couple of P4500 storage nodes and noticed that write cache in the BIOS was disabled. Shouldnt this be on to help performance?
Any thought would be great.
Bryan McMullan
Trusted Contributor

Re: P4500 Write cache disabled in BIOS

Check in the hardware information log in the CMC to see if everything is correct. We had a few DL320s machines that the battery cable to the cache had come undone and caused things to slow down a bit. Your information log should show something like this:

Controller/Cache Items
  Card 1
    Model Smart Array P400
    Serial Number *********
    Cache Status normal
    Battery Status normal
    Cache Enabled Statusnormal
    Cache Size 512MB
    Hardware Version Rev B (Not Exact)
    Firmware Version 7.08 (Not Exact)
    Driver Version N/A
    Voltage N/A