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P4500 volume consumed space

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P4500 volume consumed space

Can anybody explain the attached image? its a little bit confusing.





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Re: P4500 volume consumed space

Hi Paul,


The consumed space is the total consumed space across all nodes holding the data including any snapshots associated with the volume.


Your 2TB volume was thin provisioned, so only the space required has been allocated. If we assume there are no snapshots, this would imply that you have 1.01TB of actual data in the volume copied across two nodes in RAID10. You could, of course, have many different combinations of data use and snapshots that make up your 2.02TB consumed space.


If the volume had been full provisioned, the Reported size would be 2TB but the consumed space 4TB.



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Re: P4500 volume consumed space

what jurbul said is correct. with the addition that its possible that the data on the volume was up to as much as 1.01TB of data AT SOME TIME. Your volume could have 100MB on it now, but at some point you must have had 1.01TB of data on the volume which caused it to expand to that space and it won't shrink down after its expanded.