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Performance Graphs in CMC

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Performance Graphs in CMC

Hi All,


I have used the CMC to export 24 hours of performance data to a csv file. Is there a way to now import and view this in the CMC or do I need to do battle with excel?



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Re: Performance Graphs in CMC

Unfortunately for now, you will have to Battle with Excel.
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Re: Performance Graphs in CMC

Try this link and navigate to HP P4000 Performance Troubleshooting and white papers


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Re: Performance Graphs in CMC



I was looking for a topic regarding a csv export by command line. So i found one here that was close to my question.


I could not find a command into the CLI guide that export the performance stats into a csv document using the CLI. It is only possible using the GUI.

I would like to script this and export it to a share.


Is there a command to make this true?


Kind Regards,





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Re: Performance Graphs in CMC

there is no CLI command because the data isn't stored on a node.  you can use the CMC to collect, view, and export data manually or use any SNMP program you want like Cacti or zabbix or ms system center or anything else and you may be able to get what you are looking for through them.