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Questions Installing FOM

Occasional Advisor

Questions Installing FOM

Hi Team good day!!


I have some questions about FOM and was wondering if some of you may help me.


I have a P4500 Solution with 2 nodes working fine in a network for node 1 and for node 2 those nodes are connected to a 2 different switches.


Now I have to Install the FOM but when I Install the Vmware Player in the server that has the CMC it creates 2 Virtual Nics in the server so I have in the CMC Server someting like this.


Phisical Nic 1  <<<< P4500 NETWORK

Phisical Nic 2 <<<Customer network 

Virtual Nic 1 192.168. 61.1<<<<< Nothing Here

Virtual Nic 2 <<<<< Nothing Here


In the Configuration Guide I saw that the FOM needs be configured in Vmware Player with a Bridge connection but what can I do or how do I have to configure the IP Addres for the FOM so the Virtual Nics can communicate with the P4500 Network.


I get very confused with network topics so I really apreciate any kind of help.