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Quorum and managers

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Quorum and managers



I'm reading HP documentation about StoreVirtual P4000, and I need some further clarification over Quorum and Managers. I will take an simple example:


 2 different physical sites

In Site A there is a cluster with 2 storages and a FOM

In Site B, there is a cluster with 2 storages


In each storages, there are regular managers running (it is by default, if I understood correctly), meaning there are 5 managers in total.


1. My understanding is that in normal circumstances we can loose to managers, and still be OK. But, what happens if Site A is down (it has 2 regular manangers, and FOM is in different logical network, but physically it is in site A). Will site B with 2 regular managers work, or if not, is there a way to force quorum? 


2. Is it important in such scenario where cordinating manager is located, and can it moved to other node, if desired or required?


3. What is the role of Lefthand OS connection in such scenario, and is it possible to move to other node?


Thank you for any feedback.



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