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Reboot Single Node

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Reboot Single Node

Hi all,

I have a four node p4500G2 cluster in NR5, LeftHand OS12 on each node and esxi 5.5 on the hosts. I discovered one of the nodes has the raid cache incorrectly set and is causing bad io latency.

Same issue as mention here;

My question is can i reboot the single node via the cmc so i can get into the cache settings without affecting the running vm's ?


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Re: Reboot Single Node

The short answer is, yes.  Just right click on the node in CMC and there should be a shutdown/reboot option.


I'd suggest that you change your LUNs from NR5 to NR10 as HP suggests NR5 for archive and read-only data.

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Re: Reboot Single Node

Agree with @oikjn about changing to NW10 if you have a "normal" environment.  You will see a lot of latency using NW5 for writes.  However, if you do change to NR10, your total capacity will drop to 50% where currently it's 75% with a 4 node cluster.