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Reclaimable Space

Occasional Contributor

Reclaimable Space

I have a 5.6TB full provisioned drive, with 20 snapshots. The file server shows only 92GB free space remaining. Volume use page on P4000 console shows 22.26TB consumed with 10.72TB reclaimable space.


Is that reclaimable space value correct, seen as the drive is 98% full?. Is that 10.72 recoverable by deleting snapshots or by just switching it to thin provisioned?

Trusted Contributor

Re: Reclaimable Space

Yes Reclaimable Space is space that can be freed up by switching between Full Provisioned Volume to Thin Provisioned Volume.
Any way the Process is reversible.
That is you can switch your volumes from Full to Thin and if need be back to Full, with no impact on the Host.
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