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RemoteCopy and Backup with Windows

Occasional Advisor

RemoteCopy and Backup with Windows

i will setup backup in my remote copy location

I have 2 different management groups with 2 different Clusters.

i setup a normal volume at the primary site and configure "new schedule to Remote Snapshot a Volume .."
the system creates at the backup site a RemoteCopy Volume and copy all snapshots into this volume. fine.

My Problem:
now i will backup the data on the backup site, but i can not mount this data with the iscsi initiator.

I found in the document Remote Copy User Guide the point "Using Remote Copy for off-site backup and recovery" but i found not my configuration problem.

Thanks in advance!

Occasional Advisor

Re: RemoteCopy and Backup with Windows

it's to easy.
for backup in the remote location you must mark the option "include primary volume".
than you can mount the valid snapshot at the remote site for backup