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Remove snapshot without dataloss

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Remove snapshot without dataloss



I have a P4300G2 with a volume that has a manual Point in Time snapshot on it.

The snapshot was created by another administrator when he demonstrated snapshots to someone in december 2010

I want to remove the snapshot without dataloss.


I have several questions:

1. How do I know what data is in the snapshot and what is on the real volume?

2. Which snapshot tasks should I perform?


Kind regards,


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Re: Remove snapshot without dataloss

Right click the snapshot, and choose delete snapshot. It will take a while for it to completely disappear.

Your data is actually a combination of this snapshot, and the "real" volume. 

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Re: Remove snapshot without dataloss

bryan is correct.  You can delete using the CMC without any data loss.  It will appear like it is gone immediately, but it may take a day or more before you see the available free space on the custer completely increased (and the consumed space decreased).


The deletion process can be IO intensive and I dont' think it can be throttled so you might want to wait to do this until you know you will have a lighter load on the system for a while... like starting friday night if your load goes light over the weekend.


Re: Remove snapshot without dataloss

Thanks for the responses. I will start the process this friday.