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Storage Network Link Failure

Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Storage Network Link Failure

Doing a little more planning.

If we have a stretch cluster where we have two sites each with some P4000 and a single subnet (to be able to use vSphere MPIO) I can foresee the following possibility:

vSphere hosts able to see one another for HA heartbeat over main LAN.

P4000 hosts in "split brain" if the dedicated iSCSI network link fails.

When this happens the quorum should kick in so Site A stays online.

At this point, the vSphere hosts in Site B can see the hosts in Site A, but can't see the storage.

What's the best way to deal with this?

My understanding is that vSphere HA only takes into account host failure, not storage?

The best option I can see is to create an alert in vSphere for "Cannot Connect to Storage" and set the action to put the host in maintenance mode?

Any other suggestions?