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StorageWorks P4300 problems

Occasional Contributor

StorageWorks P4300 problems

I have just put in a StorageWorks P4300 with 2 nodes and servers attached to it via a procurve switch. when i create folders files etc on the SAN using one of the servers then try to use them fron the other server they are not visable why would this be ??


Anybody know ?



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Rami Shaghlil
Occasional Advisor

Re: StorageWorks P4300 problems

Did you try to create folders on the other server and check if the first one have the folders visible?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: StorageWorks P4300 problems

You used a plain Windows or Linux operating system?


Without additional software they don't know how to share a file system !!

You've created data corruption as soon as the second server has mounted the filesystem!