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StoreVirtual 12.7 Bond Type


StoreVirtual 12.7 Bond Type

I have a management group of StoreVirtual 4530 clusters running SAN iQ 12.7. I originally set up the interfaces to bond two 10G ports as active-passive. I would like to change the bond type to alb on each system. Traditionally, I could remove the bond, and the network config would transfer to one of the members of the bond. This has change, and the bond cannot be removed, because it, and I quote, "is set as the Lefthand OS Interface and will not have any active interfaces after deletion." Is there a way to circumvent this block?


Re: StoreVirtual 12.7 Bond Type

Schedule a downtime first, break the bond so that 1 NIC can be configured as Lefthand OS and later you may reconfigure desired bondling but make sure to keep suffient downtime for applications as it causes outage