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Storevirtual VIP Error not reachable


Storevirtual VIP Error not reachable


on a test environment with 4 x 4730 Nodes with (temporary) 1Gb Networks. On the 4the system I get an error:

VIP error : System is not reachable by any VIP in the cluster.

On this system is no manager startet, on the others (3 Nodes) Shows Manager normal. All nodes are pingable.

Later all NIC's will be changed to 10Gb with bondings.

Is that error with my temporary bad network or is it a configuration error?










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Re: Storevirtual VIP Error not reachable

not enough information to tell for sure, but it sounds like you have a problem with that node.


Things to check.

1.  Is network cable actually plugged in?  Unplug it and plug it back in as it might not be totally seated.

2.  Is there a problem on the switch or did the switch disable the port because of some admin issue such as STP?  Try another port on the switch.

3.  Is the controller locked up?  Have you tried simply rebooting the node?


If you did all those things, then MAYBE its a config issue (if you were playing around with that), or maybe its a hardware issue with that node,.

Re: Storevirtual VIP Error not reachable

Thanks! I solved it, the HPe Support did help, they changed respective they recreated the Teaming (bonding) with the 2 10Gb NICs.



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Re: Storevirtual VIP Error not reachable

This error can occur if "LeftHand OS Interface" is set to use the wrong (often disabled) interface.  Go to the Communication tab on the Network settings and verify the LeftHand OS, iSCSI and Management interfaces are set to use the correct interfaces.  If not correct them using the Communications Tasks button.