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Support Process

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Support Process

Hi can someone explain the support process for the VSA? I figure I need to register my products to my HP account for starters.  What information do I need to open a support case? (SAID, serial numbers?)  Can someone provide the link where to go to log in to the support site?


I have tried to figure this out before, but the HP website isn't very easy to navigate.




Re: Support Process

>Can someone provide the link where to go to log in to the support site?


I assume this is the HPSC:

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Re: Support Process

yea, they make it difficult to find....  I see that as a general problem for all HP sites (everything is hard to find).


I THINK the link is , but I'm not 100% sure since I haven't had to to test it.  I did find by going to which is what my physical media says, but that is really old!


 edit:  check out your last service agreement.  My sais to call HP support @ 800-633-3600 and follow prompts.  you will need your service agreement number and serial number or you can try going to there is a lot of info and it should all be on your support agreement contract.

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Re: Support Process

It is the Bundle Serial Number which is of Importance.
Physical Nodes when purchased in bundle.. like 2,3,4... have a single Bundle Serial associated with them.
And its the Bunde Serial Number which is attached with the Service Agreement ID or the Carepack details.

One can use the Bundle Serial to register a case for any of the nodes.
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Re: Support Process

Thanks all of you! the links provided by oikjn were especially helpful! The SAID turned out to be enough information for me to add my VSAs to my account and open a case.