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UUID in Bios ??

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UUID in Bios ??

Hi all,

a quick question.
Does a Lefthand need a UUID within the bios???
HP support changed the main board and they don't know if the UUID must be inserted within the bios.
When yes, is that the UUID from the main board???

Thanks for help
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Re: UUID in Bios ??

AFAIK you need a new license because of the changed mac addresses of the board.

Hope this helps!

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Re: UUID in Bios ??

Hi Torsten,

I know that, that we need a new license after installing the main board but what is the meaning with the UUID.
The HP Technicion don't know if he must insert a UUID.

Some idea???
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Re: UUID in Bios ??

When replacing a system i/o bd on any proliant (No matter waht else you call it).

You must set the serial no and the part no.

And the p/n is very importent solution, ei the AiO Storage solutions.

Setting the time and date correctly from the RBSU before first os boot, could be a good idea.