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Upgrading using local media

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Upgrading using local media

Hi all,


I am unable to download softwra upgrades for a P4300G2 from the web.

The SS are running

I get an error stating 'the directory does not contain the upgrades configuration file...'

Trying the download again fails. The CMC machines has internet access.

C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\P4000\UI\downloads is indeed empty.


I came across this old post which contained a link to download from the HP ftp site.

The logon/password do not work - do I need an account? Logging on anonymously seems to be denied.


I need to use local media from inside an isolated environment. Is the software available on the web based software depot or do I need to go via ftp?


Thanks in advance,



Re: Upgrading using local media



try anonymous ftp here:

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Re: Upgrading using local media

what version of CMC are you running?  I believe v12 will manage a v9.5 system, so you should just run the v12 CMC.  I believe there was a version back around that time where it would sometimes have a problem when you did selective downloading of files, if you really want to stick with that version of CMC, try changing the parameters to download ALL software.


Other things to check: 

1.  does the drive have enough space?  The typical CMC folders end up in the multi-gig folder size.

2.  set the download folder to a different location where you know permissions are setup correct.

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Re: Upgrading using local media



i can confirme old CMC version are not able to access HP FTP servers anymore (I guess the address has changed).

But I can also confirm CMC 12.6 can manage P4500 in version 9.5

You can then download and upgrade the lefthands from within the CMC


In case it helps someone else...