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VSA configuration

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VSA configuration

Hi, I have configurated two VSA on ESX, the vsa has the local disk of the server like datastore, and when Im going to create a new management group on the CMC with this two vsa, the wizard says me that i have to configure the RAID, somebody knows how to fix this, o why happened

I atach one screenshot with the message

thank you
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Re: VSA configuration

Do you have drive configured for storage ?
Virtual Device Node to be SCSI 1:0

Configuring a data disk

When you configure the data disk, use Table 2 to determine the proper size for the disk. The maximum
disk size on the ESX Server is limited by the block size used to format the datastore.
Table 2 Relationship of disk size to datastore block size
Max VMDK Block Size
256 GB 1 MB
512 GB 2 MB
1024 GB 4 MB
2048 GB 8 MB
To configure the data disk:
1. In the VI Client, navigate to the Inventory Panel.
2. Click Add at the bottom of the Hardware tab.
3. Select Hard Disk as the type of device you want to add and click Next.
4. Select Create a new virtual disk and click Next.
5. In the Disk Capacity section, designate a capacity that is suitable for the amount of storage
available on your ESX Server.
6. In the Location section, select Store with Virtual Machine, and click Next.
7. For the first disk, select the Virtual Device Node to be SCSI 1:0 from the drop-down menu. For
additional disks, assign SCSI 1:1 through 1:4, in sequential order.
Selecting anything other than SCSI 1:0 for the first disk causes RAID to be unconfigurable
8. Select Mode > Independent > Persistent and click Next.
9. Review the device configuration and click Finish.
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