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VSA memory upgrade procedure

Occasional Advisor

VSA memory upgrade procedure

I discovered today that I have not allocated enough memory to each of my VSA nodes according to a somewhat recent support advisory Document ID: c03428859.  I am running 1 GB RAM on each node with 2.5 TB of disk space.  I should be using 4 GB.


It's been quite some time since I have had to do any configuration on the cluster and wanted to verify the process required upgrade the memory.  Can I just shut down the node, assign more memory, turn it back on?


I have a two node cluster running with network RAID, a FOM running on separate hardware, all in Hyper-V.  This VSA is in production so it can't go offline for the upgrade.


TIA, Doug.

Honored Contributor

Re: VSA memory upgrade procedure

I did that exact same thing and the VSA recoginses the additional memory, but I don't really see it using the memory in any real manner.  maybe it does during higher loading situations, but memory usage for me seems pegged at a constant usage around 1.3G no matter what the system is doing or how long its been on so I don't get the need for more memory... that said I would rather it actually use the memory available and hope v10 changes that.