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VSA node not dissapering

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VSA node not dissapering

I was having some trouble upgrading the VSA storage capacity.

So I wanted to reinstall de VSA Virtual Machine and build it from the ground up again (then restripe and do the save for host 2).

I did put the machine in maintance mode, deleted it, install a new one and give it the old IP and MAC address.

But instead of replacing the old one in repair mode, a new host is created.

Now the old one is useless and can be deleted but I cannot figure out how to the one in repair mode


Can someone please give me some advice?

2017-07-22 16_05_33-hmbvhv01 - Verbinding met extern bureaublad.png


Re: VSA node not dissapering

You may engage HPE support, L2/L3 can use store bury command to delete the ghost ip entry.

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