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adding new P4500 to existing cluster

Occasional Contributor

adding new P4500 to existing cluster

We have a 6 node P4500 SAN with 450GB disks split between 2 DC's - I want to add 2 new nodes but the current model (G2) comes with 600GB disks and 2 nodes will give 14.4 TB of storage - am I right in thiking that if I add this to the existing cluster I will only get the benefit of 10.8 TB (as per the previous model) even thogh I'll have to pay for 14.4 TB ?
Jim Silvia

Re: adding new P4500 to existing cluster

Correct on the loss.

I have a similar situation where i have three node P4500 with the 300 GB drives and need to add capacity. I've ordered the P4300 G2 7.2 SAS solution. Even though this will fit and i wont lose any storage i'm going to create a separate cluster.
Respected Contributor

Re: adding new P4500 to existing cluster

You will see no benefit if you add the 14.4TB Solution to your existing cluster made up of 5.4 nodes.

You have a number of options:
1) Obtain the 14.4TB solution, and build a new cluster.

2) Obtain the 14.4T solution, add to existing cluster, and have the option to split it out when you add additional 14.4T solutions later.

3) I can provide an HP Renew quote for the legacy 10.8TB solution if you'd like to add to your existing cluster and remain cost effective.