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disks not showing up

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disks not showing up

hi everyone


im setting up a test environment all on my laptop - i know its not recommended but i want to check out lefthand this way.


i have vcentre - 3 hosts , all setup and working fine. i have deployed the lefthand ovf and assigned it an ip. i then use hp cmc to connect to the ip address and all seems ok


when i look at the storage i see no disks there - i have 5 disks added to the lefthand VM - all over 5gb with the first starting at scsi controller 1:0 and all selected as independent and persistent


im missing something here thats very simple i would imagine - please can someone help me


i have attached the error

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Re: disks not showing up

fixed it . put data disk on scsi 0 and 1 and then disks for storage on controller 1